May 2003 Archives

Catch up

Last weekend I went with S to visit a friend of hers in South Carolina. We had glorious weather there and we both have the sun burns to prove it. Factor 45 works well, but of course the sun is good at finding those places where the cream was not applied very carefully or got washed off by the water.

The white-water rafting was for the most part not too scary at all (and I am usually not at all eager to risk my neck...). We were in a boat with the most senior tour guide, who is a teacher at the same high school as the guy we were visiting.

Our flight on Sunday evening got canceled due to bad weather in the Midwest, which disrupted traffic to/from O'Hare. Instead we flew to Washington/Dulles and flew in to O'Hare late at night. Needless to say we were totally exhausted on Monday morning. I think it took us most of the week to recover.

The news on the job front is good. Still getting the legal paperwork ironed out (you wouldn't believe...) but I am hopeful that in the not too distant future I will have a new employer.