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No Fluff on My Navel

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Big personal news this weekend. It was the first anniversary of my marriage and I got a green card as a present.

This year, after a break of one year, I went to the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference. Having spent nearly a month and a half during the summer reading up on work material while job hunting, it was harder this time to find good sessions. APIs and frameworks are boring unless they're very new or very different. I already know enough about Ruby and Rails that I don't want to attend an introductory session on either. Too bad, because Dave Thomas is an entertaining speaker.

The talk that that left me thinking was about Seaside, a web framework written in Smalltalk. I'd heard a bit about it, but not enough. Glenn Vanderburg tends to delve a little more into the hard stuff than most speakers. Novelty and technical depth is just the kind of thing I'm looking for these days.