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Library Lookup for Evanston Public Library

Courtesy of the Library Lookup Project: a bookmarklet for Evanston Public Library.

To use: drag the link to the browser's link toolbar; find a book on Amazon or similar; click on the bookmarklet to look up the same book in the Evanston Public library.

(I did have to change the Javascript code provided at Jon's site to make it work. For one thing, the Evanston catalog has moved.)

UTF-8 Source Code in ColdFusion


There's a lot to know about UTF-8 and Unicode. For my sins, I am maintaining a web site written in ColdFusion that has to support Western and Central European languages now and possibly Asian languages in the future.

Geo URLs of interest

Geo URL is a way to find web sites by location. You enter the latitude and longitude and it spits out a list of sites that are nearby. I've looked around, using my trusty old paper atlas, the U.S. Census Bureau Gazeteer and an astrological web site[!!] to create a short list of Geo URLs that I might want to check from time to time.

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